I have no telecommunications experience; what does it take to be successful?
Audio conferencing has been around for over 30 years and is growing at around 10% per year. You just have to present your service and price to prospects either passively through web-site advertising or actively with an outbound marketing program. Our system does not require you to answer technical calls, we provide a toll-free number for help.

What if I do not want to bill clients, can I be an agent of your company?
You can choose to sign up to become an agent for our retail site at

What kind of training will I receive?
We will custom tailor your training depending on your experience. Additionally, you'll have access to our library of online training videos. Some virtual owners need no training while others require a complete overview of the telecommunications industry and how audio conferencing works. We have been selling telecommunications services and equipment for over 20 years so we have a lot to offer entry-level owners or agents. We want you to be successful as we are partners in your success.

What marketing is most effective?
The most effective is calling up prospects and presenting your value proposition. For your clients that bill over $50 per month we print up plastic ID badges with your logo, toll-free number and user name with both their moderator and attendee security codes. On the back are instructions on how to use the web interface and the telephone keys during conferences. Although these cards are expensive to produce, they look like driver licenses and clients do not throw them away. For repeat business your clients need to refer to the toll-free number and attendee codes to have conferences.

How do I use agents to market my conferencing business?
We have a program for developing a team of independent commissioned sales agents to market your conferencing business. Through the use of promotion codes, you can determine your customers pricing and track your agents' sales. We will assist you in creating an effective team of agents to leverage your marketing efforts.

What is the exit strategy of being a virtual owner of an audio conferencing business?
Building your base of business builds your own equity. Unlike our competitors who want to own your base of business, we want to see you grow into an actual equipment based service provider. A switchless reseller's base has an approximate value of 0.6 times one year's total revenue. A switch based reseller has an approximate value of 1.5 times of a year's total revenue. Early adopters are buying switchless reseller's based at a 0.6 multiple, putting this traffic on their own switch which increases the value of the base by over 200%! We want you to invest in your own switch so you can achieve the maximum value for your business. You will find that we are very unique in that we want to decrease our margin so you can increase your margin and your equity.

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